Let’s Unite To Fight Corona!

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Let’s Unite To Fight Corona!

The Government of India has begun an intense campaign to enable technology exchange thus making the Coronavirus vaccine and medicines patent-free in order to make the vaccines and medication affordable and easily available. Even though medicines used in the treatment of Covid-19 are now being locally manufactured, the seriousness of the issue and the exponentially increasing demand for it is creating a serious shortage.

The 6 countries such as Israel, USA and UK, where the entire adult population has been successfully vaccinated are now considered to be free from the Corona-crisis. Therefore, it has now become the need of the hour to ascertain that the world’s entire adult population along with India (approx. 600 crores) get vaccinated as soon as possible. For this reason, the organization — Swadeshi Jagaran Manch — have created a public awareness movement for making the availability of Covid medication and vaccine hassle-free for all. Under the campaign name – Universal access to vaccines and medicines – the entire country as well as people of other countries can hope to easily access Covid medicines and vaccines. This includes setting up of processes for online signatures campaigning as well as webinars, licensing, demonstrations and contact promotions.

In India alone, to vaccinate around 70% of the population requires a minimum of 200 crores doses of the vaccine. For production to take place at such a large scale it’s required to facilitate technology transfer and to eliminate Intellectual Property Rights of the patented vaccine. This effort has to be made at an international level. Under the international campaign banner — Globally easily accessible vaccines and medicines – help is being sought from various cultural and social organizations, educational institutions, intellectuals from the fields of education, judiciary as well as the common man.

This includes people and organizations from India as well as other countries. On 28 May 2021 an international convention was arranged by foreign universities along with Indian universities to discuss this matter. The current Indian government in collaboration with South Africa had presented certain tips to the business organizations last October itself to make the vaccine patent-free. This has already been endorsed by 120 countries. We sincerely request the countries/ companies/ groups and organizations who are still opposing this proposal to immediately bring to an end their protest in the interest of humanity.

Therefore, we strongly request the international business community and the international governments to increase the availability of these vaccines from all the potential producers by enabling technology transfer, easy availability of raw material and making sure that the vaccine is patent-free. The production of drugs such as remdesivir, favipiravir, tocilizumab and the newer drug, molnupiravir should be ascertained in abundance as soon as possible. Along with sufficient production of these drugs, the cost of the drugs and the vaccines should also be controlled to make them affordable for all. The digital signature campaign has collected 4 lakh signatures for this petition so far. A similar petition by India and 20 other countries which contains over 1600 signatures of intellectuals and academicians is making the rounds, asking for the following:

1.) The international business community should be lenient towards their intellectual property rules.

2.)  The international vaccine producers and medicine companies along with other companies should make use of technology sharing to make the vaccine patent-free, for the sake of humanity. 

3.) The government should allow medical companies to produce vaccines as well as aid them towards procuring the raw material and technology required for it.

4.) Every patriotic countryman should come together in hordes to fight against corona and to make vaccines and medicines easily available.